Our mission:

Archilike aims to be the digital business unit for its building construction partners.
Through listening to its needs and requirements, technology customization and sustained in a continuous and consistent process will achieve excellence;  exceeding its customers’ expectations.

Luís Guimarães

Business development Director

Web Business Ultra Runner, he is the father of two girls and one boy. Natural-born curious, passionate for mountain running and addicted to the digital “scene”. Started his professional carrer with 16 years old and, since then, he has worked with diverse organizations such as Remax, INEM or Deloitte. His connection to digital marketing started in 2008. Since then, he has already created an online store of traditional products, has been the founder of 3 digital marketing agencies and E-commerce Manager at Eureka.

Célia Fernandes

Key Account Manager

Passionate about Digital Marketing, curious about technology and about people’s behavior when using technology. After a Master in Marketing and Strategy and some working experiences as Social Media Manager, she became Digital Strategic at Archilike. Responsible for the management and operationalization of social media, this area in just one of the aspects of Digital Marketing where our strategic makes an extra quality work.

Fábio Lomba

Technical Manager

Fascinated by technologies and by the Digital Marketing concept.

Took a course of technical formation in Marketing and Communication, complementing it with an internship in working context. Currently, works with the team of Strategic and Operational Management of Web Marketing, and it is developing sites in WordPress where he shines the most.

Patrícia Coelho

Project Manager; Graphic Designer

She is known for her creativity and perfection in the development of the graphic image. He has a Graphic Designer Course, where he did an internship in Malta in a company that developed technological solutions. He was responsible for product promotion and online store management. Later, he complemented his knowledge with training in the area of Multimedia and Online Content.

João Monteiro

Content Manager

Writing about everything has always been his passion. Master in Communication Sciences and with a post-graduation in Marketing and Strategy, he had previous experiences in journalism and institutional communication in sports, but his versatility brought him to the contentcreation in blogs, newsletters and social media, where he can express someinner creativity and writing ‘out of the box’ texts.

João Monteiro

Email Marketing Specialist

Digital has always been her favourite way to communicate. She is able to materialize any idea in text or in a graphic concept.

Digital is his favorite way to communicate. He is able to materialize any idea in text or in a graphic concept. After ‘diving’ into digital, she made Email marketing her place to be, where she likes to navigate and add value to customers.

With an incredible attention to detail and, of course, her contagious optimism and team spirit, she is always ready to accept a good challenge!