The importance of having a visual identity

As you can see on our services page, one of the areas where we can be your company’s pillar in digital communication is graphic design. The design goes far beyond figures and graphic elements, it is also about spatial organization and structure.

It is a creative process that, through a visual and strategic communication, intends to trigger the interest of consumption, taking into account the rules of artistic harmony, images, colors and symbols.

Whether it’s on a phone or a computer, the first impact matters a lot. Having appealing lines and colors is half the way for users to continue navigating your website. Of course, the content has to be interesting, and this has already been mentioned in another article in this blog, but catching the eye is a first step.

Thus, the visual identity of your company makes all the difference when it comes to the image that you pass to the client, when he sees it. First of all, it is important to maintain a graphic line throughout the website, not having pages that are not graphically found. That is, the pages may have different elements (they should have it, not to create monotony), eventually have different colors, depending on the message you want to pass, but the typography should be the same on all pages. The number one rule of branding is the coherence and alignment of the design. If your design is not all aligned, it is your brand that will be damaged.

Here, questions of usability and responsiveness also arise, especially on mobile: if the website is appealing visually and contentwise, it must also be easy to use and load quickly. On this subject, we invite you to read our article from last November, about World Usability Day.

Strong identity through design

If you want to use digital marketing to your advantage, you can’t escape the investment (of money, time and effort) in a good visual identity. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes: you’re looking for a service on the Internet and find a company recommendation. You enter and see a confusing site, with disordered colors. You access social media, and each page has a different logo, so much that you are not sure if the pages refer to the same business. You’re very unsure about hiring that company, right?

A well constructed visual identity is a powerful aspect. That’s why it should be thought in order to attract new customers, reinforce confidence in your brand, position it in the best way, enable faster results and give your business an even more professional look.

With the predominance of the digital environment, it is not surprising that more and more companies take advantage of this space to publicize their businesses and make them grow. But for that, it is essential to build an impactful visual identity. It is this identity that will bring customer identification with the brand and meaning to your campaigns.

Think about a big brand, such as Nike. It is impossible not to identify the logo of the sports brand, even without having the name written there. Of course it wasn’t always like that, it was an image that was being established, but this recognition happens because all visual identity is cohesive and harmonious, with elements that talk to each other and symbolize the brand with perfection.

When it comes to standardizing your visual identity, remember that it must go through all your brand’s products and communications: graphic materials, campaigns, website, e-mail marketing and social networks, everything must follow the defined standards.

To do this, prepare a brand identity guide, which contains specific information on color palette, application of the logo to each color and background, style of images that should be used, among other features. Certainly, this will bring practical results ,in terms of brand recognition and success, and the subsequent digital marketing work, in an increasingly competitive market.

Benefits of digital identity

After all this useful conversation, we list the main advantages of having a strong visual identity in your company: 

  • Credibility: It is one of the most desired elements by any organization towards its clients, and it is more easily achieved by means of a well worked visual identity. This identity inspires confidence in those who see it, bringing more credit to the brand and the information it shares;
  • Unity: With a well-designed graphic identity guide, your audience can identify your company wherever it is. In the online or offline world, through colors, logos, graphics and images, the standardization gives the idea of organization and competence;
  • Professionalism: As we said, the effort spent in building a brand gives a professional image. If the communications, the look and the identity as a whole inspire quality, naturally the potential client will link these elements to an efficient service. However, we remind you that it is not enough just to invest in a good visual identity: the whole process of your business must be professional, so that the effort on one side is not ruined by the failures on the other;
  • Value: Through time, your brand management and visual identity efforts will consolidate and will add value to your business. This makes it easier to establish a relationship of trust with customers and for an unforgettable image to become part of your audience’s imaginary;
  • Profit: After so many efforts to build an impactful visual identity that reflects the quality and values of your company, it is natural that there will be an increase in sales and, consequently, in profits.

For all this, it is very useful that you bet on the creation of a strong visual identity, so that your company will be quickly recognized when someone enters your website, social networks or any other contact platform. And for the creation of that consistent design, as you already know, you can count on our services!

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