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Have you read our last article? It’s good that you did, but if you didn’t (or if you did and want to read it again), here it is. In it, we talked about how to build, maintain and increase your database. Following that, we now write about how to clean and update the database.

As we said in the previous article, keeping an active communication with your clients is extremely important. This is achieved through various means, such as social network interactions or e-mail marketing (which will be our focus here). But it is only with a well established, nurtured and up-to-date database that this communication can be effective and successful.

Thus, one of the essential tasks in customer mailing is data updating. It helps to ensure that the information there is valid and does not make mistakes when investing in wrong people and information. Changes happen, you have to be aware of them and look for answers, regarding the lack of interaction with the messages sent.

Carrying out a contact clean-up causes those emails that were written incorrectly, that have inactivity or even those that were marked as spam, to be left out of future sendings, which will increase the connection with your audience and therefore improve your results.

It is necessary that the person or team responsible for the administration of the database works with the metrics and defines a frequency to check and update this information, avoiding some problems, such as being tagged as spam, as we mentioned. In addition to this, there is also the likelihood that a provided email is false or invalid, because that contact has changed from company, for example. Automation can help in this verification – again, we draw attention to the usefulness of a tool like E-goi.

However, updating does not mean excluding all the information you have gained and going in search of new information, it means learning to manage it and separate what is useful and what is not. Not cleaning up the database periodically, usually means waste of time and money, and a way for your brand to build a negative image on the web… without having a real sense that it’s happening.

In this context, there is the other side of the coin, i.e. the person can exclude itself, simply because it no longer has any interest in the content that your company makes available (which does not mean that it will not have interest again in the future). This process is called opt-out. It is good that there is an option to give that possibility, in a visible way, in each e-mail sent, to show that your company is ‘adult’ enough to respect the useful time in people’s lives. In this way, customers – those who give up and those who continue – create more affinity and can even value your content more.

Database update benefits

By now, you must have understood the importance of keeping your portfolio of contacts up-to-date. We will then list the main benefits that cleaning the database can bring to your connections:

– Keep those who matter: By regularly updating your database, you are guaranteed to send messages mostly, if not 100%, to people interested in the content. On the other hand, as we said, the cleaning and the opt-out do not imply that the contacts disappear or become disinterested forever, so you can stay close to them, too.

– Quality before quantity: As mentioned in the previous article, regarding the number of contacts, it is almost always a mistake to think that quantity should come before quality. As for mail sending, the same thing happens. You need to know the appropriate time to send and the number of times you will distribute some content. If you send e-mails daily, the chances are very high that the customer will not be interested. To set the ideal frequency and time to schedule the sending of messages, you can search for the date and time with the highest opening rates. Or, as each case is different, you can do your own A/B tests, in which you test the highest opening rate by sending e-mails on different dates and times, for different leads.

– Helps segmentation – With an organized database, the segmentation of contacts is facilitated, generating targeted campaigns, with personalized content, which have higher opening rates and click-through rates. Therefore, the work of segmenting the database is not wasted time. Some email marketing services have tools that allow you to track consumer behavior and profiles. With this data, it is possible to create intelligent segments, based on very specific motivations and interests. 

– Eficiency e return on communication: Reducing spam cases, increasing the opening rate and click-through rate of emails, resulting in a higher ROI, are advantages you should not overlook when cleaning your database. In addition, those metrics are interesting to analyze, also in order to improve your digital strategies, because there is always room for improvement.

Well, from now on, you have all the bases to deal with your database, regarding its construction, maintenance, growth and updating. Good contacts!

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