How to build, keep and grow your database

There is a Portuguese saying that goes like this: “Whoever has friends, doesn’t die in prison”. Don’t get scared: we are here to talk about the importance and influence that a good database can have on your business. We hope you will continue with us after this introduction, because we have a lot to tell you about how to collect, maintain and increase your contact list.

Starting from the beginning of the business and of the process: when a company is created, it is essential that there are people who want to know about it. So, you can advertise your company in the famous ‘word of mouth’, you can distribute flyers, you can put ads in the newspaper, on the radio, on TV… but it reaches your audience much faster if you use digital marketing tools. 

The truth is that in a world increasingly connected to mobile devices, that’s where your audience will be, whoever they are. So, through lead capture strategies on your website or landing page, through a strategy of sponsored posts on social networks or paid ads on Google, you will get more contacts and will do it more efficiently. The more information you get, the better – always respecting the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), of course. But there are three essential points: the name, the email and the phone number. With this data, you will open many possibilities for the next steps of contact… with the contacts.

Maintain your database

Once you get them, you have to keep them. First of all, keep them stored and segmented – E-goi is an excellent option for that. Being active in communication with your clients is very important. By using the information correctly, you can increase your chances of selling, produce more elaborate content and further consolidate contact with users.

In this aspect (and in so many others), email marketing is an important tool and can be used for several purposes: campaigns to launch new products, satisfaction surveys, sending newsletters, requesting feedback for some services, among others.

Being present in an efficient, non-invasive way, in the life of your customers, guarantees access to the contents and results in a considerable increase in the possibilities of success of your business.

Building and maintaining a list of relevant contacts can be tiring and laborious, not least because users are increasingly careful when giving out their personal information – due to the GDPR issue, which we mentioned earlier. However, it is possible to influence your persona to receive your contents. Contents that, we should not forget, should be relevant to your audience, since only in this way, with active and interested users, the whole process will be worthwhile.

Grow customer database

As in a company, once it is established and stabilized, the next step is to grow. With the database, the same happens. However, to think that quantity is more important than quality is almost always a mistake. As we said, the essential is to have interested contacts and not only to have a large list, which is ‘bombed’ with content that doesn’t interest them.

With this in mind, we give you a few tips to expand your list:

Offer value proposition: Offers attract people’s attention. It’s smart to use that attention to get something in return, which in this case is a personal contact. What you are going to offer, can vary a lot (from discount vouchers to ebooks), but must always represent an added value for the customer. Besides offering benefits to captivate the contacts, this strategy is a way to keep the persona’s interest in receiving your messages.

Lead capture forms: You can include a data logging space on your website to capture contacts, or create a landing page. It is important that the form is clearly visible on your website – use attractive colors. Besides the visitor’s email, as already mentioned, it is very useful to have the phone number, for sending SMS, since, currently, Whatsapp has a tighter policy for sending automatic messages. As for SMS, they have an excellent opening and reading rate – almost 100% of text messages are opened and therefore viewed.

Support from social media: We have already talked about the paid campaigns to start building your database, but they also apply to increase it, of course. Most of your customers use these platforms, so you can and should use that presence to feed your brand mailing. With email, you can find the users on any social network where they are present. Although campaigns are segmented, social networks are also useful because they can capture users who are not necessarily looking for information, but who may be interested.

Customize messages: Although automation is there to facilitate communication, it is important that what is transmitted to your audience has the voice of a person, not a machine. Humanizing the contact with the potential customer makes difference to the brand image. This is also why it is important to have at least the person’s first name, to automatically personalize the messages, whether they are sent by SMS, e-mail or other platforms.

Never buy an email list: Last but not least, since this is the main mistake when creating a database. And for one simple reason: they are not your customers! Besides the problems at the legal level, you’ll only be sending messages to random people, who probably don’t even have an interest in what you have to communicate and will be bothering those who didn’t give you permission to do so. The customer mailing should only be formed by those who have left their information with you, of their own free will.

After we explained the process of getting, maintaining and increasing the database, we will talk about how to update and keep this list clean. This will be in the next article, stay tuned!

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