The Importance of Copywriting

Think before you speak: the importance of relevant content

The significance of setting a communication and marketing strategy, with a focus on content, has already been mentioned in the previous article of this blog, dedicated to social media. In fact, as we said, it is important to feed your pages, regularly and in a planned way, with subjects appropriate to your business and to your audience.

Copywriting can, in fact, determine the success of your digital communication strategy. Without good content, there is no complete and efficient message. With the growth of digital marketing, content takes on a tactical role and has a very clear function: to catch your audience! If you want to increase visits to your website, generate leads and turn visitors into buyers, the investment in good content is crucial.

However, with the hunger to publish content and get audience attention, you may make the mistake of overloading both your company’s social networks and the website, with irrelevant or even misleading information – aren’t we in a fake news era? No one is free to fall for such traps, but here is some piece of advice for thinking and executing a plan to publish relevant content.

Create a blog or a news section

We have to start from where we are. Creating a blog or a news section on the website itself is a great way to attract traffic to it. And if you implement SEO strategies in the production of the content, the opportunity to improve the ranking of the site in search engines will be even greater.

By publishing regular articles, you will also be telling Google’s algorithms that your site is up-to-date and producing ‘fresh’ content for users. There are also other advantages, such as:

– Keep the user more time on your website, through internal linking, referring to other blog posts or other pages on your website – what happened in this article, if you have not noticed yet;

– Increase the probability of getting backlinks (strategic links, positioned along the text, that lead users to a page of your website or blog). Backlinks increase the reputation and authority of the website and, consequently, you will have more chances to be on the first page of Google;

– Your website will be more likely to be shared on social networks. People usually like to share blog posts, especially on Facebook, which will result in clicks to the site. It is important to have a social media “Share” button on the blog;

– You can share the posts/news on the social media where you are present and encourage your followers to visit your website. 

– Start to be seen as an authority in your business sector.

Quality over quantity

We need to say it again: it is the image of your business that is at stake, so always be careful what you publish and what the sources of that information are. This is because, remember, your pages should not only serve to promote your company’s projects or products, there should be a variety of topics, so there is no way to create internally all the content that is published. You must even have a journalistic touch, so that your page does not become a promoter of fake or inaccurate news. And the form must also be refined.

But this does not only apply to the written content. Instagram has the main focus on sharing images, so the least you can do is to publish photos with good quality, visually pleasing and with the right size for social media.

The same goes for YouTube – and we’ll talk about video content later on – which needs to have videos that are very well structured, produced and filmed, even though, with the quality of current mobile phones, it’s not necessary to invest a lot in a camera.

Develop engaging and shareable content

Likes, comments and shares are something that everyone is looking for, collectively or personally. But here, too, we need quality. We do not always want the same people commenting the same things, much less do we want constant negative comments. To have likes without the person having even visualized the content, does not count for much, either. 

An interesting idea is to make people feel encouraged to interact with you on social media. Thus, asking questions in Instagram stories or in Facebook publications, or producing content in the form of gamification or activities, are actions that can generate greater engagement with the target audience.

This ‘propagation engagement’ makes that more people have access to what your company shares, also helping with SEO. This means that the more people effectively interact with your content, the more the content will be shown in the feeds and, consequently, the more business opportunities will be generated.

Video is the company’s star

We told you we would talk more about video! There is no way to avoid it: nowadays, the creation of this type of content has become an indispensable tool in the marketing and communication strategies of companies. People, in general, prefer to see a video than read a text. Video saves people’s time and allows them to know better the brand they are communicating with. In addition, video, when published on social networks, tends to create far more interactions than other content. It is estimated that, by 2021, mobile video will be responsible for 70% of mobile data traffic. According to Widespace, video ads on mobile devices can also increase purchase intent by up to 104%. Therefore, video content is not the future, it is the present!

Nevertheless, we must thank you for having read this written content, which also has an image, until the very end. That is what is called multimedia. We hope that these tips will be useful to you and that you will apply them, so that you can check that the quality and relevance of the content produced and shared, whatever its format, can bring success to your company and to your business!

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