How to set your business’ «persona»

In all the situations of our lives, we need to know who we are talking to. This can influence the informality of the tone, for example, thus influencing the relationship that will be established between you and the other person.

Naturally, in digital communication, it is even more important to know your audience, so your communication strategy has the intended effect.

Thus, it is essential to set your «persona», i.e., a representation of your ideal client, based on market research and real data of the existent clients. Being a representation, it should be as close as possible from reality.

So, which are the criteria to set your «persona»? There are plenty of themand they can vary according to the business, because some features are important in a certain case and are not useful in other cases. Anyway, some basic features are:


– Name (even if it is not the real name);

– Age (as accurate as possible, with a maximum gap of three years);

– Gender;

– Profession and company position;

– Education level;

– The kind of information they “consume” and in which channels;

– Psychological characteristics;

– Annual income;

– Hobbies and interests;

– Geographic location.


To get these informations without being too invasive, there are some solutions. You can send a form, making directed questions to know, if not a lot of them, at least the main features. Tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics and Instagram’s statistics also allow you to collect some demographic data. Even a simple search on these social media, also on LinkedIn, can make you understand some behaviors of your target audience.

The practical application of knowing your «persona» is that you will presenta more suitable value offer. Also, your lead generation will be eased, with strategies of segmented ads, on platforms where you know that your«persona» is.

All of this might sound a little bit like stalking, but it is not! As we said at the beginning, in all the interactions of our lives, we must know who we are talking to. Even if it is a B2B situation, people are always involved and it is important to know them. And the success of the digital strategy is not abouthow good you are, or your company is, it is about the needs, desires and«pains» (i.e., what bothers) of your clients and how your solution can solve that!

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