The importance of caring for your website

As you noticed, you’re on a website. If I didn’t realize, we really have a lot to talk about! We already mentioned on our services page the importance that the website has in the digital presence of your company. It is around him that everything revolves!

However, it is not enough to have a website, it is necessary to maintain it, because having a website since it was said “website” – around 2000 – and leaving it to be abandoned, is the same as having nothing.

If you are reading this here, it is because you know that Archilike can take care of your website and all your digital communication. Still, here are some tips for maintaining your website. First of all, it is basic to set goals and create a website that suits your business. To do this, consider things like:

– Design: Having eye-catching lines and colors is a halfway point to keep users navigating your website. Of course, the content has to be interesting too, but catching the eye is the first step.

– Accessibility: Today, there is no way to create or maintain a site without thinking about its accessibility – because there are legal standards to comply with. It means that content must be universally accessible to all users, regardless of their disability (permanent or temporary), need or device used (computer or mobile).

– Website Speed: We’ve all had the experience of joining a site and it takes a long time to load. Sometimes it’s really down, and as much as we hope, it won’t get out of there – but that will work itself out. More problematic is when it is a constant situation, because it is too heavy a website, because it has too many images to load or has many features, some of them useless. It is a problem that must be urgently solved, otherwise it will be irretrievably lost.

– Usability: This has to do with the criteria already mentioned – if the website is visually appealing in terms of content and content, if it is accessible, quickly navigable and has the strictly necessary features, it will be easier to use and thus draw more users. and visitors.

– Responsiveness on mobile devices: This is a pressing issue these days, because almost all website access is done on mobile. Therefore, when designing or maintaining a website, the priority should be to understand how and if it works well on mobile devices.

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Finally, your website must be structured both technically and content so that it is easily found on Google so your business is one step ahead of competition.

If you think about the body of your company’s digital strategy, the website is the heart. Of course all organs must be healthy, but taking good care of the engine is critical to starting up for success.

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